Jingle Bow! This is an Bowspring inspired Advent Calendar for 2018. Every day till the 24th you can find a picture, inspiring thoughts a short video, a recipe or other things behind this “doors”. Feel free to share! 🙂

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Often things turn out differently than planed. The same happened with this Advent Calender. Instead of throwing the towel I decided to just change my perspective. Sometimes it helps to look at your stuff from the outside….in this case from quite far away. The picture shows the Lagoon Nebula, recorded by Hubble Telescope. What a beauty, showing us, that we and our problems are less significant than we often think. BTW: It is located in the Stellar Constellation of Saggetarius. 

First of Advent. The time of the year, when we lit a candle. In the end, it is us who should be like candles in this world. Because others might need some light. So shine bright and be light! 

In the Picture you can see Bianca Schreiber from b-touched-yoga

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