Where can I practice Bowspring????

This is exactly what I was asking myself after my first Bowspring class. If you are lucky, you have a teacher around the corner. If you aren´t you can try classes or courses online. That is what I did in the beginning. You can find below a mixture of online offers and teacher websites. Just click on your language and you will see all offers. I am just starting with the list, so please contact me, of you want to be named here as well! 



Bowspring Online Classes

John & Desi on Tint Yoga

(find the course here: https://tintyoga.com/browse/complete-bowspring-pack/)

Dana Skoglund

Elisha Jane Bowspring

Jonathan Boyd Yoga on Youtube:

Bastian Schlickeisen (Berlin) 

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Bowspring Websites & Blogs

Annie Schachtel  (Stockholm)

Annie teaches regular Bowspring classes and workshops, most of them being located at Yos Yoga in Stockholm, Sweden. Her classes are suitable for all levels. Please find more info and contact details on her website.


Elisha Jane (Victoria, BC.)

Elisha Jane teaches Bowspring in Victoria, BC, Vancouver BC and online (group and private classes). She offers workshops, trainings, retreats and soon Bowspring videos on Vimeo. Find more information on her website:


Daura Alfonso

Daura Afonso teaches Bowspring classes in Tenerife, Canary Islands. Her goal is to spread love, help people to heal and create empowered communities. Check out her schedule for Gran Canaria and Tenerife here: 


Paris Latka

Paris Latka has been a Bowspring enthusiast since first learning this practice in 2015. She has been studying along side the founders, Desi Springer and John Friend for three full years and teaching this method for two years. Along with teaching online Bowspring classes and in-person workshops and classes, she is a Master Nutrition Therapist, emotional eating coach and EFT practitioner. It is her greatest passion to share tools that help people feel free from pain, light and grounded in their bodies, and clear in their minds. 


Bastian Schlickeisen (Berlin)

Bastian has been the first one to introduce and teach Bowspring in Germany. He is teaching weekly classes in Berlin and offers workshops in and around Germany. Get more details on his Blog & Website:


Bianca Schreiber (Berlin- Frohnau)

Bianca is lighthearted and elegant. So are her classes. She is teaching mostly in the north of Berlin and offers anually events and retreats. Find more infos on her website: 



Sybille Dieckert (Berlin)

Sybille was a resident teacher at Spirit Yoga West in Berlin before she decided to go her own way and concentrate on Bowspring. You can find out more about Sybille, her schedule and her workshops on her website:


Daura Alfonso

2014 praktizierte Daura Afonso erstmals Bowspring in Chicago dabei. Sie unterrichtet Bowspring mit offenem Herzen und der Motivation, zu heilen und Gemeinschaft zu bilden und diese zu beflügeln. 


Daura Afonso

Daura Afonso da clases de Bowspring en Tenerife y Gran Canaria. Daura enseña Bowspring porque para ella el Bowspring es puro amor y sanación y ella confía en que se traduzca en personas y comunidades capaces de desarrollar su potencial más bello y ser quienes deseen ser haciendo un mundo mejor, más armonioso para todas.



Keilla Dias

Keilla Dias imparte clases de Bowspring en Madrid y diversos puntos en Espaça. Su mente airosa siempre está buscando nuevas formas de enseñar. Autora de un libro y co-autora del juego de Bowspring Flashcards. Considera el Bowspring la revoluciõn y evoluciõn del alineamiento no sõlo corporal, mas con la vida misma. 


Karina Telerman da clases de Bowspring en Marbella, Málaga. A Karina le encantan las formas posturales del Bowspring, porque son dinámicas, con curvas y sobre todo por la sensación de apertura que le generan. Karina se ha formado en diversas disciplinas vinculadas al cuerpo y al crecimiento personal, y toda su experiencia de vida la pone al servicio en sus clases. En Marbella dá claes privadas y de grupo.




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1 Comment

Daura · 4. December 2018 at 09:02

Hi Silke!
Next week I am moving to live permanently in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands!

I will start teaching then soon! If you would like to publish my info and website and add “soon in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria!” 🙂
I will be offering classes in German, English and Spanish.

Love! And thank you!

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